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A South Texas Leader in Commercial Construction

Welcome to KJM Commercial

KJM prides itself in our ability to maintain and grow existing and new relationships in the ever-changing and ever-challenging world of commercial construction. KJM is constantly thriving in an industry riddled with roadblocks, problems and delays. Every client has different needs and desires; therefore KJM successfully employs a variety of delivery methods including lump sum, cost plus, cost plus with a guaranteed maximum price and various hybrid forms of each. KJM is confident in our ability to customize any delivery method to meet your specific need and ensure project success. KJM encourages you to contact our references and any owner or architect with whom we have worked. KJM values our client relationships and strive for your happiness and the success of your construction project above all else.

KJM strives to achieve the following:

• Remain on schedule
• Cooperation
• Proper and timely coordination
• Minimum number of deficiencies on punch list
• Minimum number of warranty call backs
• Excellence in workmanship

About KJM Commercial

KJM Commercial, Inc. was founded in 2002 and in less than a year had quickly grown to be one of the most competitive construction firms in South Texas. Chris Hamilton became a partner with the firm a year later and brought senior level project management experience and an extensive municipal, school and large scale construction background to KJM. Over the years, KJM has branched out into new territories and currently is building throughout the State of Texas.

KJM continues to be successful through relationship building and have always made certain the client’s needs are primary, project documents are executed as intended and subcontractor and vendor relationships remain strong and continue to grow. At any given time a wide array of municipal, school, retail, tenant finish-out and medical projects will be under construction concurrently. This keeps KJM competitive, it keeps our problem solving skills honed razor sharp and allows us to remain consistent during market shifts.

KJM has four project managers and ten superintendents on staff to make certain your construction project stays on course. Furthermore, KJM has dozens more clerical, accounting and field personnel outfitted with the best equipment available to make certain your construction project is a success.

As we celebrate 12 successful years of business in the commercial construction industry, KJM continues to strive for the highest level of client satisfaction and remains dedicated to the success of our clients, subcontractors, vendors and employees.

Our Core Values

•Do it safely.
•Do it right the first time.
•Do it right now.
•Exceed the customer’s expectations.
•Be fair.
•Have fun.


Contact Us

Please contact KJM for any of your construction needs. If you are interested in KJM for your next project please fill out the form below or contact us directly at:
1814 Holly Road Corpus Christi, TX 78417
(361) 991-5600
(361) 991-5616